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About Us

Our founder, Mary Hager, discovered during her own experience with breast cancer the limited resources available locally associated with this disease, and Never Surrender is dedicated to filling as many of these gaps as possible.


We believe in Hope, Self Advocacy, Education, Emotional Support and Empower-ment. We will show you how to not only survive your breast can-cer, but to live the best life after breast cancer! We will help you understand your diagnosis and the many options available to you. We can help you find a doctor, tell you what to wear to surgery, how to prepare for chemotherapy, how to deal with the side effects of chemo-therapy, and how to stay healthy after treatment ends.

Executive Director: Tara Fulford

President: Misty Kerr

Vice President: Teresa Taylor

Secretary/Treasurer: Ben Weaver

Board of Directors: Deesha Wolfe, Elizabeth Barnett,

Jan Anders, Mary Hager, Janice Gray, Shelia Migliore

Never Surrender has partnered with the Etowah County Family Success Center and 211 First Call for Help to screen all applicants. Never Surrender currently provides screening and diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds to uninsured and underinsured women and men in Etowah County who cannot otherwise afford them. If you or someone you know needs a free mammogram, call: 211!


What we can offer:

  • Education

  • Survivor Support

  • Surgical Resources

  • Physician Resources

  • Financial Resources

  • Free Mammograms

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