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Mammogram Voucher Program

Never Surrender provides mammogram vouchers, where underserved women and men in Etowah and Calhoun County can receive a free mammogram. Never Surrender will pay the facility that provides the mammogram for their services. In order to qualify for this program, please call 211 and they will direct you to the closet screening agency.

Self-Breast Exam Training Program

Never Surrender promotes early detection through screening exams through the Self-Breast Exam Training Program. For more information on this program or to schedule a class, please call 256-549-0008.

Education and Financial Support Services

After someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, Never Surrender is dedicated to providing emotional, educational, and financial support to those affected by breast cancer. This program not only focuses on the breast cancer patient themselves, but also their loved ones. Please call 2526-549-0008 for more information about this program.

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